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    Twist it to unlock the axle!

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    One-time adjustment.

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    Fast & Secure


The Ultimate QUIK Release Device

Modern bicycle through axle has become a "Slow Release" in many ways. Nowadays, UCI mechanics rather switch a complete bike than simply replace a broken wheel during racing games. Without a proper tool, users are not likely to repair the wheel or disassemble bike while traveling or racing. This situation is happening day to day when we watch racing on media. That's how the ultimate QUIK Release Device has born.

Concept of Design

Just with a simple twist of the knob, you will be able to install or to remove the wheels from bicycle. The QUIK knob is structured by a mechanism similar to a camera lens. The center diameter expands while the knob is being twisting until the axle is allowed passing through the center. The knob will automatically shrink to its smallest diameter due to a spring motion. Super Fast & Secure

Target Market

To upgrade your bicycle from modern axle to QUIK mechanism, there is really nothing you need to modify to the original bicycle. The QUIK knob is available in M12 and M15 threads that will fit into every disc-brake bicycles in the market. Isn’t that sweet?

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Ultimate QUIK Release Device


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