What is Quick Release?
Quick Release skewer is a mechanism for locking/release a wheel to/from a bicycle fork and frame.

What is the FULCHEE® Quick Release?

The FULCHEE® Quick Release is not only a wheel locking/release system but also the foremost component that guarantees the cyclist’s safety, especially during high speeds and rough roads. FulChee clearly define safety for cyclists.
FUL CHEE ENT CO., LTD. is a professional bicycle parts manufacturing company that focuses on “Quick Release.” Quick Release provides fast and easily function to assemble /disassemble exercise machines, motorcycles, baby carriages, etc, and most of all, bicycle wheels.From placing orders, production managing, purchasing to shipping, FULCHEE computerized every step into an organized system. Materials and supplies were managed under quality control; barcodes were applied to stock and shipping; automatic production lines not only reduced human sources but increased production efficiency.

FULCHEE holds its culture and spirit, “Design, Manufacture, and Quality, ” which will help the company to maintain great supports and trusts from its clients, and will continue to innovate and to develop sustainably until it reach the ultimate goal: become a leader in the industry.
The founder, Jerry Liu, deeply absorbed in the company, operated the business with conscience, and believed FULCHEE will become a top-level Quick Release manufacturing company in the world. In order to meet the requirements of each developing period, Jerry leads the company to think ahead and always be ready to attempt new challenges.


Company established. Founder, Jerry Liu, began the business with mainly steel Quick Release, provided to Joytech (Novatech), Q-Lai, and Xero (Three main hub producers in Taiwan).

Introduced alloy Quick Release assembly line; developed axles processing, which become the company’s first patent applied case.

Published Titanium Alloy Quick Release which decrease 24% of the overall weight. By Joy’s introduction, began providing Quick Release to a famous French wheel company.

Factory being moved to Da-Ya District, Taichung City, to expand the factory, equipments and machines.

Cooperated with French company, DECATHLON (Top world sport equipment retailer, possessing 438 stores in the world).

Published Carbon Fiber levers and unique casing design to decrease surface wearing problem.

Published super lighten Quick Release using material Aluminum 7075 for lever and Titanium Alloy for axles; the overall weight is 44g.

Set up Laser Engraving Department to shorten the processing time and to manage the quality closely.

Published 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm axles to operate in many unique systems around the world; cooperated with well-known companies from Italy and Switzerland which increased even more quality output.

Developed various Through Axle design, participated in awards and global patents. Set up CNC Department for aluminum axles.


Quick Release is being developed toward light weights, custom exterior appearances and multiple functions at this moment. Axles were mostly made out of two kinds: Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel and lighten Titanium Alloy; on the other hand, levers were mostly made by Aluminum Alloy. Currently, Carbon fiber designed levers have come into joint with the wheels in order to help the overall bicycle assembly to accomplish to another vogue trend. Eighteen years of FULCHEE’s working efforts, FULCHEE has innovated numerous of new ideas and products to build a strong and complete product line. FULCHEE has earned an extremely high respect of evaluation and become one of the leaders in the industry and continue to break the boundaries of innovation.

Company Marketing
FULCHEE’s OEM products were sold to well-known brands. In fact, FULCHEE’s products have been marketing to everywhere around the world such as France, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, and Ireland; every year, new products are being posted and published through each worldwide bicycle show and magazine. By cooperating with few outstanding wheel companies in Taiwan, worldwide Taiwanese brands like GIANT and MERIDA also use FULCHEE’s Quick Release.

Social Responsibility

Bicycle plays an extremely important part in government's promotion for Green Taiwan and provides a huge contribution in building human body and mind strength. FULCHEE exerts great efforts such as to initiate bicycle club to share the knowledge of energy conservation, environmental protection, and to respect the planet. FULCHEE urges its staff to join bicycle tour around Taiwan in order to promote staff's standard of health and knowledge; and to celebrate the riding journey from the company itself. On the other hand, FULCHEE is also really active joining charities such as "Guang Liang Charitable Institution in Taiwan," who carries disadvantaged minority and helps impoverished. FULCHEE donates financial and subtance resources to impoverished households especially during Taiwan Festivals, and helps children from impoverished family to finish school. FULCHEE is enthusiastic in public welfare; believes whatever is taken from the society will be used on the society.